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To make contact with any of the WDDC team members listed below, please text or phone your enquiry to:   


Committee 2021

Chairman – Darren Wall – 01562 882542 & 07711 517618

Vice Chairman – David Smith – 07887 852186 

Secretary – Linda Sprosen – – 01562 824350 & 07792778224

TreasurerJeanie Jordan – – 01386 793351 and 07854 700505 

Safety Officer – Steve Harrington – 07932 652121

Safe Guarding & First Aid – Louise Wright – 07752 335761

Events Advisor and Technical Delegate – David Smith – 07887 852186 

Junior Representative – Millie-Mae Harrington 

Without Portfolio:

Julie Wedgbury – 01746 789686 & 07773 329653

Website – Louise Wright – Tony Cowles (non committee) 07831 106366

Newsletter – Kate Boswell – – 01562 731698 & 07885 498941    


Other information

Membership Application and/or Renewal Form-2021

Complete forms in Word to make a paperless application. Make your payment by BACS stating the reference ‘Membership’ or ‘Day Membership’

Rules for Outdoor ‘Indoor’ Trials 2018

Day Membership Application

Risk Assessment Template 2.1.18



Insurance Schedule via British Carriagedriving

British Carriagedriving Rules

Indoor Carriagedriving Rules


Training Aids for Driving Trials – these simple guides were produced in 2012 by WDDC members Carol Gregory, Tony and Gill Bache for the benefit of members new to the sport and in preparation for the Charlcotte Farm Driving Trial Event held during September of that year.

Club Constitution

Download Event Schedule Template

Dressage Tests

Each season, the WDDC select, from the dressage tests available on the British Carriagedriving website, a test, comprising a set of written instructions plus diagrams of the track a horse or pony turnout is required to drive.

Click to Download British Carriagedriving Novice Club Test 2019 (was 2013), to be used in WDDC outdoor events – arena size 40 x 80m (was 100 x 40 – amended 5.7.19)

. It is available for members to download then study and practice in preparation for club events such as the Charlcotte One Day Trial

It includes some extended trot, two 20m diameter circles at collected trot, and two straight sections with the reins in one hand.

Where appropriate,  a formula, requiring less stewarding and pre-event setup than a 6-obstacle trial, may be adopted. Members taking part in the winter season Indoor Horse Driving Trials will be familiar with the format, where only 2 obstacles are set up but are driven and timed twice to make a total of 4 obstacles. 2016/17 Indoor Dressage and a cones course (normally 10 pairs plus an A,B,C slalom) also form part of the competition format. The dressage arena will be 20m x 60m.

Wyre Forest Carriage Driving Map