Spring Camp, Lincomb EC, May 15th – 17th 2015

  • Lincomb 1
  • Lincomb 2
  • Lincomb 3
  • Lincomb 4
  • Lincomb 5
  • Lincomb 6
  • Lincomb 7
  • Lincomb 8
  • Lincomb 9
  • Lincomb 10
  • Lincomb 11
  • Lincomb 12

The programme had a variety of activities based around a set of core training sessions, offering the option to pick and mix to design a personalised programme.

Core training consisted of:

  •  a one to one lesson with UKcc coach Andrew Williams on the Saturday – to work on what each participant wanted
  • a demonstration of schooling/basic dressage movements driven by an experienced club member and facilitated by Andrew
  • designing and building a cones course and obstacles
  • practical driving session (Sunday) driving the cones and obstacles built by participants – instructed by Andrew

Pick and Mix – Design Your Own Programme:

  •     Artificial surface dressage arena for personal use including the option of help and guidance
  •     rein handling machines with help/guidance on hand
  •     a long reining area based on gamblers choice
  •     a practice cones area
  •     a drive out on the lower fields and lanes of Lincomb Estate

A table top sale area was available where participants could bring driving/horse items they wish to sell – labelled with a name and the price wanted.

Arrival was from 14.00 onwards on Friday and the camp closed at around 15.30/16.00 hours on the Sunday.

The Shed kindly agreed to provide the food on the Friday night.  Saturday evening was a DIY BBQ starting at 1900 hrs. – this was open to all club members and colleagues.

Non-participating club members were welcome to come and watch any part of the camp and indeed to help out – it didn’t have to be the whole day or the whole weekend.  That in itself was a great way of gaining knowledge.

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