Notice on behalf of Giselle Lockett

Dear Members

I have this weekend made the decision to stand down as Chair of the Club and a member of the Committee.  I have been involved in the club since I took up driving in 2012, joined the Committee a year later and was then asked to take over as Chair from Tony Bache after two seasons, a role which I have undertaken until now. 

I have taken great pride in being the Chair of such a great, and, well respected Club, providing leadership to the best of my ability.  Over that time, along with Committee and other members, I have seen the Club not only retain its position and respect for offering something to all drivers at all levels/interests, but for it to continue to develop, and welcome people into our sport.

I really appreciate the legacy and history of the Club and one of my favourite moments was the Club’s 40th Anniversary in 2016 at which were many members and ex members (who were instrumental in the club’s early beginnings).  The event was made even more special by being hosting by long term members and supporters Carole and Ivan Meredith.   I think everyone past and present should be very proud.

As a club I believe we have always tried to reflect the varying needs of our members with a willingness to change, and importantly offer a safe stepping stone into driving.  Our faithful and knowledgeable stewards and helpers have made this possible.  I have had the great privilege to see people and equines grow and develop and indeed well appreciate the support I have received with my own driving and ponies.  I think we have thought outside the box with our Try Driving Days; annual camp; and, of course our overseas trip to Paard & Koets in Holland, all alongside our mainstream events including short format driving competitions, first aid courses and road safety assessments.

Darren Wall (Vice Chair) will now “take over the reins” – pardon the pun!  You are in very good and capable hands and I am confident you will all support Darren and the Committee going forward.  There is a really good schedule in place for 2020 and I look forward to seeing and driving with you at different events with my own turnout and now having the opportunity to concentrate more on my own driving and other related activities.

Best wishes


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