Newsbrief Winter 2021

Chairman’s Update – January 2021

Firstly, I would like to say Happy New Year to all our members and friends. This year the committee have decided to keep the club’s subscriptions the same. We realise that we were unable to to run the full years schedule due to lockdown and restrictions, but we are again planning a full schedule of events. We are hoping that we can run all the events we have planned as I am sure everyone is.

The committee and I would like to thank everyone for their continued support with subscriptions as this only covers the clubs insurance and BC affiliation costs. This allows us to continue as a fully insured club. This year we have decided that our first single day event will be free to members as a way of saying thank you. The club relies on your support to continue and we are very grateful and hope that the future will allow us to start driving, competing and socialising again as a club.

Take care and thank you all again


In February, WDDC members shared a Zoom presentation given by Frank Campbell and Partner Tiggy, which was organised by Emma Young of the West Midland Driving Group

AGM held on the 4th December 2020  – a  Zoom Meeting

Apologies: – David Smith, Sue Anderson, Gill Bache 

Attended: – Darren Wall, Louise Wright, Kate Boswell, Millie, Karen & Steve Harrington, Sandra Phillips, Vicki & Simon Poole, Tony & Carol Gregory, Tony Bache, Tony Cowles. Jeanie Jordan, Linda Sprosen, Julie Wedgbury, Jason Millard

Darren welcomed everybody to the Zoom AGM meeting  

Members had all been send Chairman’s Report, Treasurers Report and Financial Statement and copy of Minutes of AGM 2019/20 before meeting.

Darren asked for minutes to be approved –   All Agreed 

No Matters Arising

Chairman’s Report  All agreed

Treasurers Report   All Agreed 

Auditors for 2021   Sandra Phillips has agreed to Audit books Proposed by Jeanie Jordan   All Agreed

Subscriptions   Committee proposed subscriptions to stay the same. All Agreed 

Family £40:    Single   £25; Nondriving £10:     Junior £15.

Linda will send membership forms out in new year. 

Election of Officers read out by Darren 

Chairman. Darren Wall nominated. By Jeanie Jordan Seconded David Smith

Secretary. Linda Sprosen. Nominated by Kate Boswell Sec. Jeanie Jordan

Treasurer. Jeanie Jordan. Nom by Linda Sprosen Seconded Julie Wedgbury

Vice chairman David Smith nominated Darren Wall Seconded Linda Sprosen


Julie Wedgbury, Louise Wright ,Kate Boswell, Millie Harrington Nominated by Jeanie Jordon Seconded David Smith. 

Publishing Including Zoom & facebook  Kate Boswell Proposed by Linda Sprosen Seconded by Louise Wright 

Safety Officer Louise Wright Nominated Julie Wedgbury Seconded Linda Sprosen

All Agreed above to be elected 

New committee member

Steve Harrington. Nominated Darren Wall Seconded Jeanie Jordan All Agreed 

Standing down. Nigel Caldicott 

Darren thanked Nigel for work over the past years and send best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

Any Other Business

Trevor Teague left bequest  of £1,000 to Wolverley Driving  Club would be which would be used for driving equipment and a trophy  

Thank you to Tony Cowles who continue to keep website up to date, also Kate setting up new Facebook page which only members can access. 

We would also have a committee profile on website page, Louise organizing.

Darren thanked everybody for the team efforts for 2020, which had been a difficult year with COVID-19 19, and so few events being able to take place. 

Future Strategy 

Members then went on to discuss 2021, and how we can use Zoom for meetings. 

Quizzes, Demonstrations, Training.  

Joint administration page for Facebook, with Louise/Kate and Tony Gregory.   Open page draws people into driving.  Tony Gregory said he is always careful what is put on Open Facebook page.

Vicki Poole asked who at present had Driving Club Cones.  Noted :- David Smith has them. 

Programme for 2021

Committee are putting together programme for 2021 and should be available by end of January 2021 

Darren thanked everybody for attending the Zoom AGM  and looked forward to 2021 Driving Events

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