Newsbrief Winter 2019

Notes from the Chair  

First of all, a belated Happy New Year and wishing you all a very successful, healthy and happy 2020.Those of you who were able to attend the AGM and Planning meeting before Christmas will have heard my report and particularly how proud I am of the club for the variety and number of activities we managed to host in 2019.

We are always looking for ways to improve but also mindful of not throwing the baby out with the bathwater so we took the opportunity to gather some feedback from AGM attendees – a full summary can be found at the end of this newsletter which I am sure you will find interesting.

Notably it seems there is interest in doing a First Aid course so we will investigate this further and look to repeat the successful course we did a couple of years ago, and also the road safety assessment.  When asked about favourite activities is seems the indoor trials are much appreciated, as are the short format events, but also camp and training appear to be high in members’ interest.  I therefore think our 2020 schedule reflects the type of activities people enjoy and provides the variety for our different members.  I am also very proud that the club rates high on friendliness and being welcoming, professional and with good access to knowledge and support.  I note that communication rates a lower score and we will do our best to improve on this. 

Many of you will be aware we have new committee members namely David Smith who will act as events advisor and Technical Delegate and we welcome his experience and knowledge; Jeanie Jordan has taken on the role of Treasurer; Kate Boswell will oversee the newsletter and help to modernise some of our processes, for example we would love to be able to provide online membership and events booking.    With new people joining the Committee we also say bye and a BIG BIG thank you to Sandra Phillips who stood down as treasurer.  If we had a long service and good conduct award she would surely be the front runner (along with Geoff who has been a source of help and advice behind the scene).  Clare Caldicott has also stepped down and again a big thank you for her support, knowledge and taking on the role of Safeguarding Officer and overseeing First Aid.  These roles will be taken on by myself and Louise Wright respectively.    I also want to formally note again that the Club has greatly benefitted from the financial support received from Clare and Nigel enabling us to buy our lovely new trailer which has proven to be a great asset.  We have also introduced the role of Vice Chair which has been taken on by Darren Wall.  

Lastly, we are going to review our annual awards, we have already introduced a couple of new ones over the last couple of seasons but any ideas please send them into Linda – Club Secretary.

Best wishes and have a great season.    



Poppy Drive November 2019 

I was lucky enough to spot a request for a groom for the Poppy Drive on the WDDC Facebook page, so I duly messaged the lovely Clare Caldicott and was able to attend.  Nigel who normally grooms for Clare was very much tied up that day as it is he, who tirelessly and very enthusiastically raises huge sums for the Poppy Appeal every year, through his work with the British Legion.        

Saturday 2nd Nov dawned very damp and blustery as have many days this Autumn, so it was not looking too good for all out in the elements and double waterproofs were needed!!  The drive did of course go ahead and by the time the lovely Spring was ready for our little adventure it had in fact brightened up. 

Everyone had gone to great efforts to ensure the red and purple poppies as modelled by the lovely Toby (below) were both visible on carriages and on our trusty steads that give so willingly. It really was a fitting tribute to a wonderful cause by the club members. The legion was also very well represented at the entrance to the tea room at the Forest.          

We had a good number of turnouts both ahead and behind us – it looked like everyone had a great day, smiles all round with a good number of members on foot to show support too.      

I am hoping to drive the Forest myself very soon and managed to do my own Poppy Drive at home on Sunday 3rdas I know others did too for such a worthwhile cause.    

Kate Boswell 

Wolverley Driving Club Dinner 2019 

This year’s annual dinner was held at Bewdley Pines Golf Club on 22nd November. The catering and facilities were spot on. Members and guests totalled 25. A disappointing number. At the subsequent committee meeting it was debated whether we should “ring the changes” this year. Plenty of time to gather opinions and preferences from members in the months ahead. 

The annual awards were made with the following winners 

Wolverley & District Driving Club      

Annual  Awards for the Year 2019

Whip Points    

WH James Trophy   

1ST         David Smith

2Nd       Clare Caldicott

3RD        Jeanie Jordon

4TH        Millie Mae Harrington 

5th  =      Sally Hodgson

              =  Darren Wall

Groom Points  

Blakedown  Landscape Challenge Trophy   

1st         Nigel Caldicott

2ND       Steve Harrington

3rd        Kate Boswell

4th        Judi Reeves

5th        Sue Anderson

6th        Darren Wall 

Cones Trophy                                         David Smith

WDDC Driving Trials Cup                          David Smith

Wolverley & District Driving Club Cup

Most Improved Newcomer                     Sally Hodgson 

Arthur Simpson Peerless Tray Endeavour Award                                     Clare Marley     

Blood Sweat Toil and Tears                      Vicki & Simon Poole     

Lots of cleaning and polishing to come then! 

Our chair, Giselle, spoke about the successful season past, the full and varied programme for next season, the encouraging progress of newer members and the inspiring discovery centre for disabled drivers which some club members have been involved in.  There is a lesson to be learned here. If you win cups you have to report on the awards dinner! 

Wishing everyone happy and safe driving in 2020. 

David Smith

Christmas Walk 2019 

The Annual Christmas Walk started from the French Hen on 28th December, it was well supported with 16 members and two extra joining for lunch! We also had a multitude of members’ dogs with us – mainly working breeds which Jacob particularly enjoyed choosing his favourite! 

Originally I had planned the route to take in the Clent Hills themselves but when walking this myself the day before due to amount of rain we have had I found it far too muddy & unsuitable for us all as a group especially with the dogs too!    

I had to re-plan and choose a route round Broome which is where we drive out regularly & really is a lovely place to take a walk. This allowed some of the group to literally take a walk down memory lane as some members used to live and drive round the lanes we took.  So for once the rain did have a positive affect!! 

We all returned slightly fitter post-Christmas for a home cooked meal at the French Hen which was very well received and thoroughly enjoyed by all.    

Darren Wall 

Further information on Long Reining            29th March 2020

For the first hour, 10am till 11am we have arranged a demonstration of Long Reining by Sue Tupman showing what can be achieved from the ground to school and improve your equines way of going, obedience etc.

Sue is a BHS level 5 instructor and performance coach with 40 years’ experience so it’s an opportunity not to be missed

So, if you don’t want to miss this please arrive in good time

We will be in the smaller original indoor school

We Look forward to seeing you at this event

Happy driving.

David Smith 


1. 18 members completed the questionnaire 11 of which were driving and 7 non driving

2. 8 members are also members of the BDS and 10 are not

3. 6 members said they would be interested in doing the BDS Road Awareness/Safety certificate, 2 stated they had already done it and 8 responded “no”

4. 5 said they are members of British Carriage Driving and 12 are not

5. 7 members are also members of Indoor Horse Driving Trials and 8 are not

6. 7 members have a current first aid certificate and 10 do not hold a certificate

7. 5 said they were interested in doing a one day certificated first aid course and 10 said they would not be interested

8. 7 said they would be able/prepared to travel (round trip) 20 – 15 miles from their home base/yard for events (driver or non driver), 10 would travel 50 – 100 miles and one said they would travel 100 – 150 miles.   No one indicated mileage in the 150 – 200 miles or more than this or overseas

9. Members were asked what they least and most liked using a scale of 1 – 5 (1 being lease and 5 most):

• Indoor Driving Trials – 1 rated 2; 3 rated 3; 1 rated 4 and 7 rated 5

• Long reining and non driven ground work – 1 rated 1; 1 rated 2; 3 rated 3; 5 rated 4 and no-one rated 5

• Training days/lessons – 3 rated 3; 7 rated 4 and 3 rated 5

• Spring Camp – 1 rated 2; 2 rated 3; 4 rated 4 and 5 rated 5

• 3 phase driving trials – 1 rated 3; 8 rated 5

• Short format outdoor trials eg Prestwood/Enville – 2 rated 3; 3 rated 4 and 7 rated 5

• Drives out – 1 rated 1; 6 rated 3 and 4 rated 4

• Going to other Club events – 1 rated 2; 3 rated 3; 7 rated 4 and 3 rated 5

• Social activities – 2 rated 2; 4 rated 3; 5 rated 4 and 1 rated 5

• Stewarding – 1 rated 2; 8 rated 3; 4 rated 4

• Attending national/international evens as a spectator/visitor – 5 rated 3; 3 rated 4 and 2 rated 5

• Other activities not listed above – none suggested

10. How satisfied are you with WDDC? As above rated using a 1- 5 scale:

• Welcoming – 5 rated 4 and 11 rated 5

• Organisation – 5 rated 3; 3 rated 4 and 8 rated 5

• Event range – 2 rated 2; 3 rated 3; 5 rated 4; and 5 rated 5

• Communications – 3 rated 2; 1 rated 3; 6 rated 4; and 3 rated 5

• Professionalism – 3 rated 3; 1 rated 4; and 10 rated 5

• Access to knowledge/experience and help – 1 rated 3; 2 rated 4; and 11 rated 5

• Club reputation – 1 rated 3; 6 rated 4; and 7 rated 5

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