Driving Demonstration Saturday 25th January 2014

Image 2Image 4WDDC Member Dawn Tebbett was asked by Shropshire South Riding Club to organise a demonstration of Carriage Driving at The King’s Equestrian Club, Bromyard, North East Herefordshire.

What a lot of organisation these events take! – Ponies hauled out of fields, polished up, vehicles out of store and numerous helpers cajoled into helping, back-stepping, grooming and doing all the jobs that no one had thought about. We even had Julie Taft and Sally Dingley out of retirement!

Image 3

On the day, there was Dawn Tebbett with Katie, Julie Taft with Lily, Giselle Lockett with Mork, David Smith with Mr. Darcy and Julie Wedgbury showing Ronnie (er, sorry, Pentrafyllyn Romeo!) plus her team of Shetland ponies.

Tim Lockett and Sue Beaman showed their Dalmations, with commentaries by Tony Gregory and Raoul Beaman.

A polished performance was given to a small but enthusiastic audience. The day was only marred by a tornado that swept through the box park as ponies were being unharnessed and boxed up.

Dawn was extremely thankful to all the members and friends who took part and supported her.

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