Blossom Drive Sat 28th May 2016

Giselle Lockett and Sabrina Willis researched and set up a comprehensive drive starting and finishing at Sabrina’s yard near Wichenford, Worcestershire. With short, medium and long route alternatives on offer, it was enjoyed by a good number of club members keeping ample distance between them to avoid convoys.

The girls had set a challenge, not part of the 2015 years’ route – a narrow, overgrown gate opening onto a flimsy wooden bridge crossing a small stream. We can’t say we weren’t fore-warned – before setting off.  It was explained that the opening had been measured at 5ft, which gave 8 inches clearance for a 1200mm wide carriage. “Driving a pair of horses through there was quite a challenge” said Tony Cowles, but “a good one to remember”.

2 1/2 hours after setting out, concern was being voiced for Ivan Meredith, who still hadn’t returned and was driving with his youngest grandchild as groom. Typically, the enormously-experienced Ivan returned safely with stories of having stopped for a lunch break, for site seeing and impromptu conversations with bystanders including an ex-Wolverley member.

Thank you Giselle and Sabina – same time, same place next year!

No stills I’m afraid, just a video to show what you missed if you didn’t take part.

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