About Us

The Members of The Club have established this web site for 2 purposes:

  1. To inform Members what’s being planned and what’s been happening.
  2. To give non-members and those not at present involved in Carriage Driving, an insight into our enthusiasm for this great sport.

Pawsons Gregory ShetlandsYou will be able to read about Upcoming Events together with past events and Results achieved by those members who’ve taken part.

On a quarterly basis, The Club publishes a Newsletter for download (see “Of Interest” on this page), but it’s also available by post for members without internet access.

If you are considering joining us, contact the Club Secretary via the Information Page. The Secretary will suggest a suitable event for you to come along and observe.

Those without horses are also welcomed as there is always plenty to see and plenty to do!

We are affiliated to the British Driving Society and the British Horse Driving Trials Association and liase closely with both governing bodies to provide up to date information for our members. For more about the governing bodies, follow the links on this page.

Wolverley, Nr. Kidderminster in Worcestershire has been the home of Wolverley and District Driving Club since it was formed in 1977. The format has changed little over the years, but the emphasis these days is more towards trials and driven eventing than in rallies and showing as in years gone by.

However, several members prefer to drive their ponies and carriages for longer distances, over unfamiliar terrain, and in past years have ventured into the Cotswolds, Shropshire, Central Wales and Northumberland for driving in get-away places.

Off road drives are planned for the less competitive, although our emphasis will still be on fun-days and eventing type competitions culminating in One-Day Trials that we have run very successfully for a number of years.

Created in 2000, the Millennium Cones Competition was a great success for ten years. This has now been replaced with the 21st Century Conestacle Accumulator Competition, which we hope will continue to provide a similar draw to events, and to maintain a healthy entry list.

Like the world over, Wolverley members need help in dressage and the general ‘way of going’ of their equines. We are able to secure the services of Driving Instructors of the highest calibre.

Training is available for all our members, and courses for the British Driving Society (BDS) Tests are run, as and when required. Help and guidance is always on hand to instruct and advise the back-stepper (groom) and driver (whip) alike.

We are always keen to encourage the Junior Drivers, and we have supplied a team of trainers from our membership to run very successful Junior Drivers’ Camps for the BDS Worcestershire Section.

The Club caters for all sizes, from Shetlands to small ponies, to full size horses. Following a busy season of competition and fun-days, there is always a social winter calendar, when events are held, sometimes purely social, but occasionally, informative and instructional, culminating in an Annual Dinner. A points league runs throughout the year for both Whips and Grooms, and trophies are presented for this and other year-long running competitions on this occasion.

The aim of The Club is to provide something for everyone, whether hoping to compete at National Driving Trial Events, attending fun days, bringing on a young horse, or just out to enjoy carriage driving for pleasure and doing just that!