road barriers & the like

Exposure to a variety of obstacles helps build a horse's confidence. Navigating sets of "gates" A-F, encouraging the driver and groom to choose an optimum route for speed and accuracy - all part of the Wolverley Experience

Fun Training

accuracy against the clock

Throughout the year, opportunities to experience the fun of testing and honing your driving skills

Days Out

driving off road

Opportunities to explore beautiful English Countryside


long reining

Developing a partnership and bond between horse and driver

Many Ways

of taking part

Participate in club and regional events as a competitor, a timekeeper, a steward or helping set up the course

A Perfect

day out

Privileged access to superb equine facilities provide club members with the opportunity to weave through cones, to practice dressage and to sample the excitement of obstacle driving

News Update December 2017

 A letter from Our Chair Click to read the full newsletter Dear All I am writing this from a very snowy and scenic North Worcestershire, Christmas films on in the background, ponies and alpacas snug and warm in their stables and the dallies curled up in their baskets. So, putting...

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Spring Camp 2017

Our Chair Giselle Lockett said; “A really good Spring Camp for Wolverley & District Driving Club. A wide variety of turnout, levels of whips and horses/ponies and every year we try to reflect any lessons learned and incorporate into the programme. This year we had 3 instead of 2 days...

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Blossom Drive Sat 28th May 2016

Giselle Lockett and Sabrina Willis researched and set up a comprehensive drive starting and finishing at Sabrina’s yard near Wichenford, Worcestershire. With short, medium and long route alternatives on offer, it was enjoyed by a good number of club members keeping ample distance between them to avoid convoys. The girls had set a challenge, not...

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Spring Camp 13th – 15th May 2016

The successful training weekend formula started during Tony Bache’s chairmanship was repeated again this year. A structured weekend of training with Andrew Williams and Gill and Tony Bache was complemented by a social calendar which begun on Friday night with a meal provided by Judy Reeve assisted by Tony Edwards. The...

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Charlcotte Farm HDT 4th Oct 2015

Julie Wedgbury once again did the club proud by receiving the backing of David Green and family to host WDDC’s late summer horse driving trial at Charlcotte Farm, near Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire. A misty start at 8.00am greeted early arrivals, followed by a perfect cloudless day with no horse flies!...

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Club Activities

It’s not all about competition. Events such as The President’s Drive are organised to take advantage of privileged access to green lanes and farmland not accessible to the general public. They may include stopping at a pub for lunch or just a picnic where there’s somewhere safe for the horses to rest.  Find out more
At club level trials are not to be taken too seriously. Sometimes only one phase of a trial is included, as a supplement to a pleasure drive. At least once per season it’s the club’s aim to run a one-day, 3-phase trial. It will not be as demanding as a regional club competition but will include dressage, cones and a 6 obstacle limited-distance marathon with turnouts and casual dress in each phase .Find out more 
 Wolverley Driving has a long history of association with other clubs. In particular, there is a cross over with The West Midlands Driving Group, which runs Fun Trials and Pleasure Drive Events in the Warwickshire Area and the Shropshire Branch of the British Driving Society who run Pleasure Drives but also help and train newcomers to driving.
 Throughout the year, there are a number of events without horses. Sometimes they will contain a training element, sometimes just a fun evening where members get a chance to talk to each other – something that’s not as easy when there are horses to attend to and course maps to study.
 Joining a new club can be an intimidating experience; at Wolverley it’s made easy.

The safety of members and their horses is priority – The Club complies with  assessment requirements laid down by its affiliation to The British Driving Society and British Horse Driving Trials Association.

WDDC has a policy of appointing an experienced club member to each new member for mentoring and assistance as they prepare for and take part in their first events.